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Winter Hijab Guide: Choosing the Warmest Hijabs for Winter

Hijabs, or the traditional headscarves worn by Muslim women, are an essential aspect of many women's wardrobes. During the winter months, it's vital to choose hijab materials that are both stylish and warm. This is a complete guide to selecting the perfect hijab fabrics to keep you warm and cozy all winter.
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Hijab, or the traditional head covering worn by Muslim women, is an essential aspect of many women's wardrobes. As the weather gets colder, it's crucial to choose hijab materials that are both stylish and warm.

The best Winter Hijab Guide - Momina Hijabs - Canada's largest online hijab store

While there are lots of fabrics that can be worn all year round, like Chiffon and Cotton, the Jersey Fabric is hands down the best for winter. Here are our top picks for the best hijab materials for winter:

Premium Jersey Hijabs

Made from a soft and stretchy cotton jersey blend, these hijabs are a customer favorite for their elasticity, comfort, and ease. They are loved by students, working women, and mothers alike, and they give a great look when pulled over the face. Our Premium Jersey hijab fabric is available in 3 different hijab sizes and styles:

Our jersey hijabs come in a variety of colors to match any outfit and personal style, so you are sure to find something that suits you.

Premium Jersey Hijab - Momina Hijabs

Ribbed Jersey Hijabs

These hijabs are super durable and versatile, making them perfect for new hijabis or ladies on the go. Featuring the stretch of premium jersey and finished with a ribbed texture, these hijabs will keep you cozy and covered during cold winter days. They are also wrinkle-resistant and require no pins to stay in place. To style, wrap and drape over the shoulder for an easy on-the-go look.

Ribbed Jersey Hijab

Instant Jersey Hijabs

Made from the same soft and stretchy cotton-jersey blend as our Premium Maxi Jersey Hijabs, these hijabs are sewn under the chin for the easiest slip-on experience. The medium-thick jersey fabric will keep you warm during lower temperatures and stay in place during windy days. To style, simply slip on and go!

All of these hijabs have a medium thickness and are very soft and stretchy. They are also wonderfully non-slip, so you can style without pins or use a hijab magnet for a super secure fit. For extra security, pair your hijab with a Cotton Jersey under cap to protect your hair against damage. To wrap the hijab easily on your head, place it around your face, ensuring one side is longer than the other. Secure under the chin with a hijab magnet, then wrap the longer side over the shorter end around your head.

How to wear an Instant Jersey Hijab - Momina Hijabs

Hijabi Pro Tip

If you're a hijabi looking for a way to stay warm during the winter but don't particularly like how jersey hijabs look on you, there is a solution! Our Full Coverage Bamboo Jersey Ninja Under Caps are an excellent option for adding an extra layer of warmth without compromising on style. Simply wear these under the hijab fabric of your choice, and you'll stay warm and comfortable all winter long. I wear glasses and find that jersey hijabs don't always look the best on me. So, I opt for the Ninja Under Caps to keep warm while still being able to wear the hijab fabrics that I prefer. This way, I get the best of both worlds, warmth and style! So, if you want to stay warm while still being able to wear the hijab fabrics you love, consider giving our Full Coverage Bamboo Jersey Ninja Under Cap a try.

Sustainable Bamboo Jersey Ninja Hijab Under Cap


If you're wondering which hijab material is best for winter, our premium jersey, ribbed jersey, and instant jersey hijabs are all excellent options. They will keep you warm and stylish all winter long and are versatile enough to be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. So why wait? Stock up on our Jersey Hijabs to stay warm and fashionable this winter.

For more information on storing and caring for your hijabs, check out our blog post on The Ultimate Guide to Hijab Care.

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