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Instant Jersey Hijab - Praline - Momina ModestwearInstant Jersey Hijab - Praline - Momina Modestwear
Instant Jersey Hijab - Praline
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Instant Jersey Hijab - Sky Blue - Momina ModestwearSky-Blue-Instant-Jersey-Hijab-Fabric
Instant Jersey Hijab - Sky Blue
Sale price$15.27 USD
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Instant Jersey Hijab - Raven - Momina ModestwearBlack-Jersey-Instant-Hijab-Raven-Fabric
Instant Jersey Hijab - Raven
Sale price$15.27 USD
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Instant Jersey Hijab - Brown Sugar - Momina ModestwearInstant-Jersey-Hijab-Brown-Sugar-Fabric
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Instant Jersey Hijab - Mahogany - Momina ModestwearPurple-jersey-hijab-mahagony
Instant Jersey Hijab - Mahogany
Sale price$15.27 USD
Instant Jersey Hijab - Metal Grey - Momina ModestwearInstant Jersey Hijab - Metal Grey - Fabric
Instant Jersey Hijab - Metal Grey
Sale price$15.27 USD

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Introducing our most effortless and comfortable jersey hijabs yet! Our Instant Jersey Hijabs are pre-sewn to fit around your face with no pins needed. These hassle-free hijabs deliver an easy slip-on fit so you can have your hijab ready in just a few seconds!

Crafted from an incredibly soft and stretchy jersey-cotton blend, our Instant Jersey Hijabs are effortless to style, drape, and wrap. These fashionable hijabs are ideal for mothers, working ladies, students, workouts and ladies on the go.

Featuring a durable medium-thick weight fabric sewed together with a clean, smooth stitch, these versatile hijabs will stay in place all day with zero effort and are the perfect headscarves for fall and winter.

Texture - opacity - Thickness

Fabric Insights

Smooth Slightly Textured Textured
Sheer Slightly Sheer Opaque
Light Medium Heavy

The Jersey Hijabs are made from Cotton Jersey Fabric. This fabric is made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex.

The Cotton Jersey fabric is super soft and smooth making it ideal for everyday and active wear. The Jersey Hijabs are perfect for winter and fall seasons as they provide a layer of insulation protecting your ears, face and neck from the cold temperatures. Their stretchy quality allows them to be worn without under caps and pins.

They are all made from the same exact cotton jersey fabric.

The difference is the size and style.

The Instant Jersey Hijabs are pre-sewn at the chin, so you slide them on and wrap it around your head and neck. The other two styles are rectanglular like traditional hijabs, with the difference being their size.

The Premium Jersey Hijabs are 170 x 50 cm, while the Premium Maxi Jersey Hijabs are slightly larger at 180 x 70 cm.

Yes, Instant Jersey Hijabs are the perfect option for new hijabis or beginners. Infact, we recommend that new hijabis should start their hijab journey with Jersey before moving on to other fabrics.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Instant Jersey Hijabs are pr-sewn at the chin, which means that no pins are required to put the on. You simply need to slide it on and wrap it around. This is perfect for new hijabis, who learning to wear headscarves.
  • Jersey hijabs are very soft and breathable, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. This is important for new hijabis who may be adjusting to wearing a hijab on a daily basis.
  • Jersey hijabs are also very easy to style and don't slip at all. This allows new hijabis to experiment with different styles and find what works best for them.
  • Jersey Hijabs are super versitile and can be worn with almost any outfit. They are perfect for both everyday and formal wear.

Short answer, not nessicarily. The wonderful thing about our jersey hijabs is that they are very stretchy and grippy, allowing them to be worn without under caps and pins.

This exact reason also makes them perfect for new hijabis.

Yes, Jersey Hijabs are an excellent choice for workouts!

  • Their stretchy, high grip fabric ensures that they stay securely in place during even the most intense physical activity.
  • Their moisture-wicking properties help to keep you feeling cool and comfortable.
  • The softness of the fabric prevents irritation, so you can focus on your workout without any distractions.

Overall, Jersey Hijabs are the perfect combination of function and comfort, making them a go-to choice for active wear hijabs.

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