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Meet Stormy

AKA Billu Billu

Her given name is Stormy, but no one ever calls her that.

She focuses her efforts on the quality inspection of any new shipment boxes so just know you're getting the best of the best!

In her free time, she can be found sun bathing or scouting for treats.

The adventures of Billu Billu

Billu Billu was born in August 2020. She was the runt of the litter, meaning she was the weakest and tiniest kitten. When we first saw her, she looked like a baby compared to her siblings. We instantly fell in love with her and brought her home with us.

The first thing she did as soon as we got home was walk to the middle of our bed and pee on it. Since then, she has been a well-behaved cat and has never had any accidents.

We rarely had visitors for the first six months of her life, so she only ever saw the two of us. As a result, she is a very timid cat who runs and hides whenever someone rings the doorbell. But somehow, she always knows when it's us at the door.

Even though she is pretty grown-up, she is still extraordinarily playful and hyper. She can be found absolutely destroying our couch or running up and down the stairs when she gets the zoomies.Billu Billu is super grateful for our customers, as a portion of your purchases funds her treats and toys!

Billu Billu wants to thank you for reading her story, and she wants to gift you a 15% discount for your next order:

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She is a cat with many names

Billu is a cute a way of saying 'Billi' which mean cat in the Urdu language.

Mano Mano

'Mano' is used to describe or call cats in a loving way.

She is cute 2x so she is 'Mano Mano'

Chotu Motu

'Chotu' means small and 'Motu' means chubby.

'Chotu Motu' is a cute way of implying that she needs a diet plan.

Baggu Billu

'Baggu' is a random word people use to lovingly call a baby.

She is our baby cat, so she is a Baggu Billu.

Attack Cat

When she is in attack mode.

Like a fighter jet, but fluffier. Those claws mean business.

Thunder Cat

When she gets the zoomies.

Her thunderous stomps strike fear in the heart of her prey (the little mice toys).

Momina Hijabs Mascot Billu Billu taking a nap

The Ultimate

Nap Queen

Tired after a full day of napping, Billu Billu takes another well deserved nap.

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