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Classic Khimar - Juwariyah - Momina ModestwearClassic Khimar - Juwariyah - Momina Modestwear
Classic Khimar - Juwariyah
Sale price$32.26 USD
Classic Khimar - Aminah - Momina ModestwearClassic Khimar - Aminah - Momina Modestwear
Classic Khimar - Aminah
Sale price$32.26 USD
Classic Khimar - Hajar - Momina ModestwearClassic Khimar - Hajar - Momina Modestwear
Classic Khimar - Hajar
Sale price$32.26 USD
Classic Khimar - Aqsa - Momina ModestwearClassic Khimar - Aqsa - Momina Modestwear
Classic Khimar - Aqsa
Sale price$32.26 USD
Classic Khimar - Tayyibah - Momina ModestwearClassic Khimar - Tayyibah - Momina Modestwear
Classic Khimar - Tayyibah
Sale price$32.26 USD
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Classic Khimar - Umayma - Momina ModestwearClassic Khimar - Umayma - Momina Modestwear
Classic Khimar - Umayma
Sale price$32.26 USD

A collection of full-size opaque khimars that are perfect for any woman looking for optimal coverage.

They are a slip-on design with adjustable head-bands that allow for full control over the fit. If you are looking for extra coverage or a special piece for your prayers, Umrah or Hajj, these khimars are the perfect option for you.

Available in 6 beautiful shades, our Classic Khimar collection has something for everyone.

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