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The faces behind the brand
Fareeha & Haider

A memorable photo from the beginning of our journey in the summer of 2019.

Say MashaAllah. :P

Founder of Momina Modestwear - Canada's largest online hijab store

We tied the knot in the summer of 2019 and lived in Mississauga, ON, until the end of 2020.

After taking a spontaneous three-day drive to Banff national park, we started exploring the idea of moving to the city of Calgary. And within five weeks, we packed up our house and drove to Calgary to our current home, where we have been ever since.

We both work in the tech industry and have 9-5 jobs, but we've been fortunate that our employer has a permanent work-from-home policy.

Outside of work, most of our time is spent on Momina Hijabs.

It's just the two of us.

We work on every single aspect of this business ourselves. Everything is done in-house, from product development and photography to copywriting and website design.

We try our best to ensure our content and products align with our religious and moral values. Hence, you may not see us following trends.

Everything you see on our website or social media has had a tremendous amount of thought behind it.

The Aesthetic Guru

Anything and everything to do with graphics and creativity.

Fareeha manages our social media and content creation as well as photography and design.

Fareeha - Founder of Momina Modestwear
Haider - Founder of Momina Modestwear
Hands on Tech

Haider handles the technical side of things.

From our website design to marketing and all the boring accounting and legal work.

Better Together
What we do together

Two minds are better than one.

So anything to do with strategy, long term planning and product development is a team effort.

Ofcourse, Billu Billu is always there to offer her assistance.

Founders of Momina Modestwear


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